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  Port Rhythm  

The Old Post Office
Port Adelaide May 2015

A moving image Installation created for Unexpected Port, 2015. This installataion brings the Port River into the main street of Port Adelaide. The work highlights the calming rhythms of the river and the charm and charater of the Art Deco architecture of the disused Old Post Office. Thank you to Renewal SA, Heidi Angove,

James Takes Photos and Electrickery for their support.



  Reflected Back 

Harts Mill, Port Adelaide
Oct - Dec 2015

Reflected Back highlights the cultural mix of new and historic architecture - the essence of the Port. The Packing Shed represents what was, the hub of Port Adelaide activity, and the TAFE represents what can be, the future. The installation combines printed image and the existing reflective glass windows to create confusion as to what is real and what is illusion. The best viewing experience is on a sunny afternoon along this footpath. The spots marked with an X are where both reflection and image line up..…or do they?

  The Rising  

Produced for the 2015 SALA festival. 
The old church windows were filled with moving images of nearby Karrawirra Parri (The River Torrens).

Gate 8 Workshop
Thebarton SA, August 2015

Karrawirra Parri Lane consists of a slow moving image of the River Torrens projected through the windows of 22 - 26 Peel St, Adelaide. It is an emotive artwork that evokes a sense of wonder. The moving image appears as if the river is breathing; showing its beauty, calmness and life. The artwork also provides the element of surprise, the river is not where you expect it to be therefore capturing people’s attention and imagination. 

22 - 26 Peel St, Adelaide
1 May - 12 June, 2016

  Karrawirra Parri Lane  

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