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 Karrawirra Parri Lane 

Former Royal  Adelaide Hospital
7:30pm - 11:00pm
11th November  2017 

Our latest work Karrawirra Parri Lane  is being reworked to present at the LIT - Light, Innovation and Technology event. LIT will showcase light and technology artists, HIVE, the introduction of the Adelaide_Porthole, live music and other activities. See more at Our installation is in the two story walkway joining
the two historic buildings, Allied Heath and the McEwin, and can be viewed from North Tce
near Gate 6.


Urbanest Artspace
Bank St, Adelaide
Feb - May 2016

Undercurrent uses an image of Bank St that is very familiar, but the image becomes unexpected once featured in a shop window.


This installation combines a printed image of Bank St with a moving projection of Karrawirra Parri (the River Torrens) to look as if the river is flowing beneath our streets. Asking us, what are we standing on?

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